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Possible more than one search.pro?


New member
In my company we have Wilfire 2 loaded localy in each machine. We have a network drive organized in directories with common part, drawings, assemblies etc. but every designer have also others in his local machine. I wanted to have just one search.pro for the company but I met that I had to write all the paths in the network drive an all the paths of each local machine. As administrtor I can add the paths of the network drive but I can`t be adding paths of every local machine (they are a lot and they vary very often)

Is it possible to have one search.pro for the company network drive and another one customized in every local machine? Will pro/E read both? If this is not possible, is there any other solution?


New member
Have you tried it? I mean have you tried using the two search_path_file command in the config.pro?

search_path_file M:\networkdrive\mastersearch.pro
search_path_file C:\localpath\usersearch.pro


Do the users have that many special/private search paths that they need a separate file for them? If not, I would just let them add the unique search paths to their private config.pro file. Not the company one or the .sup one.

Please explain your situation in more detail if this doesn't help.


New member
Hi kschauer.

I`ve tried it and it reads only the first search.pro. I don`t know if there is any trick to make it read more than one.
We have a company config.pro in the network drive. Pro/e runs in each machine and we have a batch file that copies the company confi.pro in each machine every time we run pro/e. So we don`t have private config.pro files. Our config.pro`s are a copy of the company config.pro.
IfI had a company config.pro and a private config.pro, when pro/e runs,would it read both configs?
Perhaps that could be a solution.
We either don`t have any config.sup.


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You don't want people to have there own Config.pro how about you justcut off there left hand andglue theother one to the mouse. Do you knowwhat Mapkeys do? how about knowing where your parts are coming from if you only wantone version of a part and your search path is pulling a part from another locationyou will have to load each part into ram first thisis be a pain. Set up the company standers into dot pro and leave the rest alone. <?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />


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Sounds like you need to setup all your part directories on your network. If you create a search.pro file that just reads ../ it wont care what directory your parts are in, it will look in everyone of them. This will allow you to have assemblies with parts in different directories other than the assembly file directory. The search.pro will need to be located in your root part directory and the config.pro needs to point to it. You can have private config.pro files but they all have to point to the same search.pro file.


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ProE will load up to 4 config files at start up and then you can manually load as many as your heart desires. The autoload order goes as follows: config.sup (found in the loadpoint/text directory), then config.pro (found in the loadpoint/text directory), then another config.pro (found in the users home directory), and last config.pro (found in the target working directory).You said that you are using a batch program to copy the company config.pro to the loadpoint/text directory. That is perfect. Now here is what you do. On the proE shortcut ico in Windows, go to the properties and change the "Start in:" location to a personal directory for that user. This can be a network drive, local drive, whatever. Then each user can build unique config.pro files here. In my example above you will be automatically loading the first, second and forth config files. The third one is tricky thanks to good o'l windows. But don't worry about that.

Why have user configs? Why have manually loaded ones also? There are so many reasons and I'm a slow typist. Some quick ones are: there are config to tune a machines settings. To put these in a company config is saying that all workstations in a company are identical and will always be upgraded at the same time. (maybe in Wonderland). The next quick example is that say you want to export 3d data to some vendor. The export settings that work finefor all your other vender's does not make a good file for this one.Then youfine tune the output settings so that it works with this vender's cad. You would then savenew unique settings as that vender's name.pro. Whenever you need to export to then again all you have to do is have the model open,manually load the vendername.pro config file, and then export the data. There all finished. When tookhalf a day the first time, only takes 10 minutes the second and every time there after.

Oh yeah, in my opinion you still should make a config.sup. At least have your company name in there....



New member

the short answer is yes, you can have more than one search.pro For years we have been running at least two, namely

search_path_file f:\mcad\username\search.pro

search_path_file f:\mcad\library\search.pro

and they are both loaded, in that order, in the user's config.pro and
as all users can have copies of other users files, just like they have
copies of the library on their local machines we sometimes load a third

search_path_file f:\mcad\otherusername\search.pro

I hope you didn't try putting the commands in config.sup because that is CERTAIN to cause problems

Note: in a perfect world we shouldn't need search paths to the library
but unfortunately there are a couple of things that library catalog
won't do



I still can't believe you don't want users to have an individual config.pro Pmack009's comments are right on the money

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New member
Thanks everybody for your suggestions.
I`m not interested on depriving users of private config.pro. I just want to have some options of the config in common for everybody in order to standarize some aspects. I had never configure Pro in a network and I`m doing it the best I can.
I`m open to any suggestion.
I`m studying all your advice in order to see the best solution for my company.
Thanks again.