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Plz Help-How to create spline knot points


New member
Hi I am a student and new to Unigraphics NX 5.0, I have dealt with Pro-E before though, but this one is very different as far as user interface is concerned.

I am working on designs of seats and have managed to extract the splines from which I want to create the seat design. The problem is that I am still not sure as to how can I extract the coordinates for the spline knot points, and of course how to create the spline knot points for the existing curves (section curves of the seats). I tried going through the "datum/point" command under "Insert", but it does not give me an option for "point set" or "spline knot points".I want the data so that I can recreate these splines in any CAD software I wish to, and whenever.

In the Insert -> Datum/Point -> Type drop down I get only following options:

Inferred point, existing point, cursor location, end point, control point, intersection point, arc/ellipse/sphere center, angle on arc/ellipse, quadraant point, point on curve/edge, point on face, between two points.

Out of these options, I tried all of them actually, but none gave me an option where I could slelect something like a point set or spline knot point.

I shall be very thankful for your valuable suggestions, being a student and new to the software,any helpwill be great. Thanks.
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New member
go to insert>curve>point sets>spline knot points then select the spline u will get the knot points of the sectioned spline of the seat