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Plotter trouble


New member
Hi. Anyone use a HP 250c Designjet plotter with proe ? I am having major problems trying to print off drawings larger than A4. Although i have set the auto rotate both in the plotter & proe it still wont print at the correct rotation. Also when trying to print A3 or bigger the plotter only prints one corner of the entire drawing. Is this plotter problem or proe ?

Regards, Tina


New member
Did you try with Adobe pdf?

About printing with pdf you can search this portal and you will find I think several threads about that.

About printing form ProE


New member
Make sure you have all settings correct in the Configure options:

At page:

- Size at A3

- make sure the offset is right

At model:

- Set plot at full plot

- Don't select segmented, it will split the print file up.

- Select with format if you want to print the format

- (optionally change the scale)

But the most important thing about printing is the drawing setup at the start of a drawing. The selected format there must also be A3!

Hope this helps because plotting in Pro/E can be hell! And I hope there is some other solution available, for this one doesn't print at the right scale...



New member

All of the settings are correct and the plotter itself has been set to automatically rotate from landscape to portrait, but it doesnt! I have even tried setting the autorotate in proe itself!

I was originally using Win2000 operating system and it worked fine, but now i am on WinNT and the plotter hasnt printed right since. I have tried every option available to plot (ie: zoom, selected area, etc..) but the result is always the same.

Ive had our IT guys look at it but they dont know anything about proe and cant find any problems with the plotter drivers !

Thanks for your replys, unfortunately no joy yet !!



Does the HP 250c emulate any other HP plotters? I use a Designjet 755CM but I use the ProE HP7595A driver because it works better!