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Ploting to a file???


New member
I'm a student from Romania,I've learned by my self Pro E. Now I've finished my school year project(a gear shifter).

My problem is that I don't have a A0 plotter.

Can I plot my drawing to a file,and then try to list it to a corporation???

And another thing please. Can I insert colored views in drawing??

Excuse my english.

Here is a picture with what I've doneView attachment 881

View attachment 882

View attachment 883


Shaded views can only be created in a drawing by first creating a jpeg file in part or assembly mode and then inserting the jpeg into the drawing. There are some limitations on plotting a drawing with a jpeg in it. If I remember correctly, you have to plot through the windows print manager to get the jpeg to plot. WF3 will have native shaded views in drawings.

You can plot an A0 with the Pro/E generic postscript driver (but I think you will loose any jpegs in the drawing). There are lots of utilities that can convert the postscript (*.ps) file to Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) which you can distribute. WF3 is supposed to have single button pdf output.


New member
10q I'll try to convert it to a pdf file. I have't inserted a colored view(jpg) in my drawing,I've just wanted to now if there is a way :D

Thanks again.