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Plastic Advisor VS Mold Flow

Samson CCH

New member
I have problem in finding infomation regarding Plastic Advisor VS Mold Flow. We are planning to buy either one of this software i need to make comparison presentationfor both product.

1. Can anyone let me know where i can find full detail for both software?

2. Has anyone use before above software please comment which is better and theadvantages & disadvantages?


New member
I'm pretty surePlastic Advisor is a subset of Moldflow's Design Analysis Soltuion portfolio. More specifically it's probably the Mold Adviser product that is integrated into Pro/E.


The integrated mode is nice if you almost always have a native Pro/E file. The stand-alone Moldflow version is nice if you can get neutral file formats (STL might be the preferred).

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Paul Copping

New member
Rick is right about Plastic advisor being part of the Mold Flows Mold Advisor product and indeed most of it.

We trialled Plastic Online with Mould Flow for ar while to test it out before bying the integrated version for Pro/E.

We have had a few problems with some models even from within Pro/E (5%) but these can normally be resolved by removing features like engraved text. Otherwise it has proved to be very accurate in predicting what will happen.

Some advise on use of either:

Neither software takes into account the effect of gate and runner geometry. Although the programs recommend not modelling hte gates, we have tried it and found it to be quite accurate.

In fear of stating the obvious if you are running Analysis Software someone will have to interpret the results into what people would see manifest in the moulded parts. Shrinking, Distortion, Weld lines etc. Both programs offer good clear advise on what will probably happen. They do not provide much information on part warpage, or if you are insert molding moulding. For this you would need Full Mould Flow. Otherwise we use it as validation tool on all our plastic parts prior to sign off for tooling and in either case it is worth the investment.

Just to add if you are only using Pro/E then I believe PTC plastic advisr is the cheapest way of getting Mould Flow capabilty.

If you don't always intend to use Pro/E or run other CAD software or the person carrying out and interpreting the simulations then get the Mould Flow stand alone version, because to run Plastic Advisor you have to have your Pro/E License running. It is also currently a locked extension i.e. it will only work with one of your Pro/E seats (assuming you buy only one license of PTC Plastic advisor) this can be a pain if you have several Pro/E users wanting to share the facility.

Hope this willbe of some use.

Paul Copping

Flexible Lamps Ltd


New member
See this one. It's quite early discussion. 2004~2005
I used the plastic adviser it's similar as AUTODESK
MOLDFLOW plug-in in PRO-E interface.
No matter which one is quite simple, just gate
Because it doesn't have more detail design in the sprue,
runner and gate. If design a non-even layout, that is
important to consider about these feature geometry

If you import CAD file from PTC to AUTODESK MOLDFLOW, you
can set a layout then mesh it and do the pre-prediction
first. After this, you just design sprue, runner and gate
features and make a simulation.
Finally, you get the simulation result. You go back to
Pro/e to set a layout and design the runner system

It's idea far away from Pro/e to make the runner system
geometry to Autodestk Moldflow. Vise versa, Moldflow
dominate the CAE method to make a design design on Pro/E.

The latest PTC software, Creo had taken out plastic
adviser. It needs extension software to simulate the
material flow in the mold. PTC had new partnerships in
CAE software development. However, it's rare to know this
Originally, I just know moldflow.
I think Creo is good at in its system design. However, in
some case such as NC or material flow on mold is not

That is why Autodesk just support partially in its plug-
in for PRO/E. The PTC next generation Creo has its golden
material flow on mold CAE development suppliers.

It's too late to know it.
Please heard by other senior advances.