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Placing Datum Point in Sketch Mode


New member
I have a sketch with a horizontal and vertical centerline. How do I place a Datum Point at the intersection of the two?

Bernie Hayden

you cannot add a datum point with this way

you must choose the datum point creation icon > sketch and then you can create as many datum points you want

proe cannot create datum points n addition with other sketch entities

>proe cannot create datum points n addition with other >sketch entities

Damn, I was afraid that was going to be the answer. Here's what I'm trying to do. Maybe someone has an answer on what the correct way to accomplish this is.

I sketcher I have the horizontal and vertical centerlines. These define the center of a surface mount connector body. The dimensions to the centerlines show OK on the drawing but it would be nice if they referenced a point or mark at the center extending off to some far off point. Functionally it would be nice to have a feature (axis or datum point) to locate the connector in the PCB assembly. I guess placing the datum before sketching the pad outlines is the way to go.

You can place an axis point in your sketch which will show up as an axis that you can reference. Maybe this will work?