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Piping - ’can not modify.....’ HELP!!


New member
I am in my main assembly and trying to make a sub-assembly as my active for Piping. I get the message "can not modify part intersected by assembly visible feature" and it will not change to the sub-assembly.

I am using Piping for water lines in this particular sub-assembly, but need to route around components (cabinets, through walls...) in the main assembly. I had water lines and fittings assembled into the sub-assembly previously, but we all know how things change.... hence I had to replace/redo from point 'D' to point 'M' and keep the rest that remained from A to Z. I did suppress the previous components, for future as there is always the chance the lines will be run that way again (learned that long ago). Question is, how do I get by this error?

I can refresh the complete sub-assembly from the Commonspace and then am able to set the sub-assembly as active within the main assembly. I can also add this sub-assembly into another main model (similar to the original) and set it as active.Any ideas on what may have causedthis error so as to avoid it in the future? Thank you!!


New member
Hi shell0995:

I just whant to ask, How did youcreated your routes meaning by dtm point,csy,flexsible, extend, point to point?