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Pipe Threads


New member
How do you do pipe threads in ProE 2001? I don't see an option for pipe threads using the hole feature.


New member
1. If you're creating a Standard Hole (Insert > Hole > Standard) you have the option of creating Cosmetic Threads on the hole surface. It appears with a magenta halo representing where the threads would appear and automatically generates a non-parametric 3-D note that you can show on drawings.

2. For other holes, you can generate a cosmetic feature (Insert > Cosmetic > Thread).

3. To generate the threads as solid physical features in the model, you'll have to use a helical sweep cut. You might want to consider creating UDF's in order to save time and effort.

David Martin

Torgon Industries


New member
Do you mean to tell me that Pro/E doesn't have a 'Thread' feature built in? UG does... I use it for NPT, ACME and various other regular thread types.

Steve C


New member
ProE has a thread feature but it doesn't include tapered pipe threads. I can't even make it look like a tapered pipe thread.


New member
I'm using UDF's for internal NPT threads. It's very handy- to assemble a plug, for ex. just use mate and select the thread surface and the corresponding tapered solid.