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Photoreal Furniture Competition 2005


New member
International Photoreal Furniture Competition 2005

<a href="http://www.design-engine.com/competition/" target="_blank" target="_blank">
http://www.design-engine.com/competition/</a> < all anounced.

press page < press release for
this event.

Poster 11x17 or A3 http://www.design-engine.com/competition/2005poster.pdf

http://www.design-engine.com/competition/entryform20052.pdf < entry form 7mb

[url]http://www.design-engine.com/competition/top20photoreal2003. htm[/url] < link to the 2003 photoreal funiture competiton winners.

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Created using Alias Studio by one of the design directors at Nike (Scott Wilson)

Image created with one the PTC Surfacing experts. Tim Harrison (Pro/CONCEPT)

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