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Photo Render option stopped working

Nose Bleed

New member
Does anyone have an idea for why my 2001 SE photo rendering option stopped working? Yes, It a real copy, not a copied, copy... copy?!


New member
why my 2001 SE photo rendering option stopped working? .... can you specify the circumstances under which the photo renderer stopped working?? If you made any changes to your OS, installed/uninstalled any software, added/removed any modules to your Pro/E, etc... It'll help a lot..


Nose Bleed

New member
Yes, I did change the OS from win98 to win 2000. I hadn't needed to use this function until just the other day... It's been over a year sincce I upgraded the OS so I never noticed this functionality missing.

However, I did a re-install - still, no photo rendering capability like I had before...

It's not a big deal - I've got Wildfire SE, which works fine, but It's got me baffled for why the functionality was lost in the 2001 SE...


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