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Perimeter Mesurement


New member

I've a sheetmetal unbended piece and, in the same way that I can obtain the mass and volume, and parametrize them into a relation, can I obtain the perimeter of "all edges in the green side" for example, and parametrize with a relation?



New member

the reason tofind the perimeter is because we need this data to calculate the time toc ut by laser.

We work cutting and bending sheetmetal pieces and we need this data.

Investigating in this item, I saw that the same volume with a "square base prisma" is not the same than in "circle base cilinder", and here is my work.

I think that maybe with inertial moments I can find more, but I'm trying.




New member
Volume divided by thickness gives you the surface in top view (of a flat sheet).

Subtract this twice (top and bottom) from the total surface of the part. This gives you the net surface of the outside edges.

Divide this last figure by thickness and it should give you the running length of the outside edges.

Just mathematical logic, haven't run a test on this.