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PDMLink/ProjectLink w/ Solidworks


New member
Does anyone have any experience using SolidWorks with Windchill PDMLink or ProjectLink? Our shop uses both SolidWorks and Pro/E, and we have access to PDMLink and ProjectLink viaourPTC licenses. However, before we implement Windchill, we'd like to have a better idea of how well Windchill functions when used with SolidWorks.

Very Respectfully,

C. Brivkalns


New member

We have used both ProE and SolidWorks with ProjectLink. but mostly ProE. As far as our experience it works good. But we mainly used it only to check-in viewables(productview-files) so our customers can look at them.

One issue is that if your company is like most SW-users and upgrade as soon as every new relesea is coming it might be problems. ProjectLink only support SW2004 today. (Windchill 7.0 M040)