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PDF lines on entities too thick


New member
I have been reading over everyone else who has a similar issue on this site and the PTC site and I cant figure out what I am doing wrong. When I attempt to make a PDF from a drawing an an A4 sized paper the entity lines are much too thick and destroys the detail. From other users to my understand this is what I figured would work(I am using creo 2.0):

use_8_plotter_pens yes
pdf_use_pentable yes
pen1_line_weight 1
all they way to
pen8_line_weight 1

All 8 pens have the thinnest value of 1, pdf uses pentable, and I am using 8 plotter pens, yet when I create the .pdf it continues to have thick lines on the entity edges.

Im not sure if the attachment is going to show in full resolution but it is just a configuration options of the values that I already posted. If there is something else i should be doing can someone please let me know, I am wasting too much time trying to figure something that seems to be simple out.



New member
We are using a mapkey to get proper PDFs.

mapkey p2 @MAPKEY_LABELCreate LAYOUT PDF;\
mapkey(continued) ~ Activate `main_dlg_cur` `page_Publish_control_btn`1 ;\
mapkey(continued) ~ Command `ProCmdDwgPubSetDeliverable`  `Print/Plot`;\
mapkey(continued) ~ Command `ProCmdDwgPubSettings` ;~ Select `print_config` `CascadeButton1`;\
mapkey(continued) ~ Close `print_config` `CascadeButton1`;\
mapkey(continued) ~ Activate `print_config` `DMV_ms_print_mgr-b-layout`;\
mapkey(continued) ~ Close `print_config` `CascadeButton1`;~ Activate `print_config` `OK`;\
mapkey(continued) ~ Command `ProCmdDwgPubSetDeliverable`  `PDF`;\
mapkey(continued) ~ Command `ProCmdDwgPubSettings` ;\
mapkey(continued) ~ Select `intf_profile` `pdf_export.pdf_color_depth`1  `pdf_mono`;\
mapkey(continued) ~ Select `intf_profile` `pdf_export.PDFMainTab`1  `pdf_export.PDFContent`;\
mapkey(continued) ~ Select `intf_profile` `pdf_export.pdf_font_stroke`1  `pdf_stroke_all`;\
mapkey(continued) ~ Activate `intf_profile` `OkPshBtn`;~ Command `ProCmdDwgPubPublish`;
Copy this into your config.pro file.

Then, while in your drawing, type "p2".

Wish it helps,