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PCI Express video problems


New member
Hi, all...

I`m not sure where is the problem with my Wildfire but the HIDE command does not work well with my graphics card GeForce 6600 GT...I mean it takes an eternity to hide/unhide even a single component...

May the problem come from the PCI Express video...Cause i`ve changed 5 video cards...and i had exactly the same problem...

If anyone can help me, ill appreciate

Greetings to all!


New member
Thanks, man...

I had in mind that the card is gan\ming, but the certified ones are too expensive for me...May be i should think of a card that support openGL..

Greetings...And btw the pdf was very useful to me...10x again


New member
Just beacuse the card isn't supported it doesnt mean it wont work with Pro/E.
Check if theres any new drivers for your card.
You can also try the different options for graphics in config.pro.

I use two different unsupported cards without problems in Pro/E
At work Asus with Geforce FX5600
At home Radeon X800XT

I cant run Pro/Concept on the Radeon card but is ok with the nvidia card....
Sometimes theres a constrain but you should be able to find a cheap card that works well with pro/e anyway.

Used to compare Gaming and supported cards some time ago and couldnt find any major difference in performance when clocking a 30 min trail file (modelling, assy operations and drafting). Unfortunately I lost both trail file and the results in a disc crash a while ago....
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New member
What are these options for graphics in config.pro...

I really haven`t heard of them...

Please, give me some comment also about the options of the card..u know!

Thanx in advance!!!


The chipsets for the gaming cards & the CAD certified cards are the same, the makers just dumb down the bios and/or drivers of the gaming cards so they can double the price of the CAD cards. Search this site & the web, I have seen many references to hacks you can do to the gaming cards to make them work for CAD. I've never done it myself so if your card dies, don't blame me.


New member
If you are using the win32_gdi you are effectively disabling any accelerators built into your video card for Pro-E. This works because you are using the default windows accelerator instead of your video card. However if you do this it can be unstable and extremely slow down you system, depending on how many parts are in your assemblies.

If you are learn how to model or other basic things this works just fine.

most cards now work just fine in opengl mode so I would not change this unless you are have a lot of problems. Instead I would up grade the drive and or tweak the driver like ankarl suggested. usually their is a tab labeled opengl that has options you can play with. Also turning off some of the gaming enhancements might help too as these maybe creating conflicts with opengl. the new cards allow you to create profiles so you can easily change back and forth from gaming to CAD. If you want a card that is made to to do both the only one I know of is made by 3Dlabs.

Hope this helps


New member
I just purchased a ATI Fire GL T2-128 (128mb) (PTC Certified) and it works great...only $275.00


New member

Thanx for the opinion..but my card do not have such opengl tab...just basic and advanced setings....so waht should i do?

The thing seems hopeless...


New member
So First basic overview of CAD, and Gaming cards of Nvidia and ATI. ATI cards are based on DirectX, and Nvidia cards are based on OpenGL. So in the start Nvidia cards are better comparing to ati.

Second drivers are most important thing when it comes to graphic. There is a web site where you can learn how to tweak graphic card whit a lot of newest drivers for them: http://www.guru3d.com/(of course tweaking you are doing on your own risk)

For example, we have two gaming cards, ATI radeon 9800Pro, and Nvidia FX5600 Ultra. We have tweaked both cards, ATi to FireGL 1000, and FX5600 to Quadro 1000. Both cards now working fine, and performance with Pro/E are doubled if not tripled.

So from my opinion is better to buy cheaper gaming graphic card and then tweak it to professional, then to buy expensive professional CAD card. Of course there is situations when is better to buy professional CAD cards, but not for all computer in your company (well if you have only 4 of them then maybe but if you have 40 then you will thing about it