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PC to PC viewing


New member
Can anyone recommend a software to allow real time multi-point web interaction with Pro? In other words, two people can see the same session of Pro and have control of the models independantly.



New member
can you not just use the design collaboration tool embedded into ProE?

[url]http://www.ptc.com/community/proewf/newtools/tutorials.htm#p roe6[/url]

there is also a free program called VNC http://www.realvnc.com/(developed by ex-members of AT&T) and it allows you to take control ofa PC's keyboard and mouse while sharing the desktop - I know a lot of IT people useit for administering networks and servers etc. I've never used it with ProE bu tit still may work (and it's free!)however I know that it has problems with graphics intensive programs so there may be a problem there..

I'd say Design Collaboration is probably your best bet because it only sends a very light with text string over the network/web (the trail files) as opposed to actually sending screen shots/captures .. take a look at the video tutorial at the educational resource library - it's pretty good and could be the answer to your question!