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PC crashes on capture of mechanism mpeg

Pro E Bureau

New member
When I try and capture a mechanism mpeg my pc runs out of memory this happens when I bump up the resolution of the capture. I changed my virtual memory and this helped but PC still struggled from time to time. I have a good spec Dell machine with 1GIG RAM and 128mb graphics card. Any suggestions as to how I can get better resolution on capture and can someone explain the whole vitual memory thing to me!

Also, some of my animations appeared jumpy when played in a particular view orientation. I thought this may be a resolution problem too!!


New member
Is your hard drive formatted in FAT 16, FAT32 or NTFS?

The reason I'm asking is FAT 16 will only let you make a 2.047 gig file. FAT 32 will double that at 4.094 gigs.

If your H.D. is formatted for NTFS ou can write a file as big as you H.D.

Making MPEG files can create a big file depending on your screen res.

I doubt this is your problem, this usually happen when converting files from a DV camcorder to electronic data.

You might want to bump your virtual memory up to 3x your installed RAM.