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patterning in WF2


New member
I have a key I would like to pattern into a simple 10 x 8 grid (keys not inches) and in oldere versions of pro I would use transform then pattern.

What would be the best way to accomplish this in WF2?

I am currently playng around with the new paste special function but I havent quite got it yet.




New member

Use a Directional pattern (not Dimension), and then select the x/y linear references. Black preview dots will appear where the instances are going to be created. You can select a straight edge and it will create a pattern in that direction or you can select a surface normal to the direction you want. The dashboard will let you enter how many instances you want in each direction. Also, you can click on any of the black dots and it will turn white; an instance will NOT be created at that position.



New member
Make the first key shaped feature. Select the feature and then Edit>Pattern (or right click>Pattern.) Choose direction as the type. Select a direction using an edge, plane, or coordinate system. Then choose the number of instances and the spacing. Once you complete the first direction click in the Second direction box and choose a line, number of instances, and the spacing.

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New member
Thanks for the help, direction did the trick.

I made a surface copy of the key and patterned that.



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