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Patterning Groups using a Pattern Table


I'm trying to use a Pattern Table to control the patterning of an individual Group feature which consists of a thru hole, c-bore and chamfer. My problem is because I am using a Grouped feature for the pattern, the functionality for creating a Pattern Table to control the patterning of the Group doesn't seem to be the same as it is for a traditional Pattern (FEATURE >PATTERN in the Menu Manager). There doesn't seem to be an easy way to create the table once the Grouped pattern is made to remove unwanted instances (during a redefine, in the hole dialog box the Pattern button is not present). Listed below is what I am currently doing to work around the problem. If there is an easier way to do what I need please let me know!

1st I have to create a pattern of individual standard holes which will represent where I want my grouped pattern to be placed on my model. These holes will be used to create a Pattern Table file (which is very easy to do), which inturn will be read in during the Patterning of the Group feature.

2nd, I delete the previously patterned holes. After the Table file is made they are no longer needed as geometry.

3rd, I pattern the Group by reading in the previously made Pattern Table file. I then edit the pattern table file to remove any unwanted instances.

Is there an easier way to do this? Why doesn't the pattern command work the same patterning a Group as it is for a normal Pattern? Am I missing something? How do you quickly and easily make a pattern table out of an existing Group Pattern?



New member

I suggest you first pattern a thru hole and after that reference pattern the other two features.

(make second feature using the first as the reference, than just pattern it and it will spread automatically, repeat for the third one)