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Parts seemed but with results completly differents


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I have two parts and us are wanting compare one with other, their have same material and properties, both were analised with elements Brick, wedge and tetra, in the forces were created with one LOADSET for Force and other for Reaction with 3 Surf-Regions for each one. But I ploted the graph for Displacement one results give e^3 and other e^6, is wrong, isnt it?

PS.: One weighs 39kg and other 41 and the CG (59,11,13) and other (34,10,49)

Thanks in advance for all

Andre Almeida
It could be correct You being more familiar with the parts would have the best insight.

It appears the different parts have different load paths, therefore different answers, but you are right to skeptical of 3 orders of magnitude difference. How about an independent analysis?
I dont understood when you said independent analysis, my ideia is transfer for Ansys with Pro/FEM or open diretly in its. Run both and see which is the difference between its.