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Part view


New member
I have created an assembly of 3 parts. I want to show 2 of those parts as hidden line view and the centre part as shaded. This is something i have done before, but for some reason i cant remember how..

Im using pro 2001. Any help is appreciated



New member
Go to view display and create different configurations.

View, View display, create,

Hope this helps.


New member
I'm in WF 2.0 but if I remember correctly, it isView > Model Setup > Component Display. After that I don't remember, but I do know thatin Wf 2.0 the View Manager takes care of that plus xsec's, simplified rep's, exploded state, and saved view's. Its a lot better than 2001.


New member
If you are in assembly mode you can do this in 2001 by creating a display state using View>Model Setup>Component Display.

If you are in drawing mode the command is View>Display Mode>Member Display>Style.

To my knowledge, shading a view or a component of an assembly is
not possible directly through drawing mode. You can, however,
render a bitmap of a shaded image and bring it into your drawing
through Insert>Object.

Hope that this helps.