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part-view always on top


New member

is there any possibility to get the seperate part-view window, which
can be activated for assembly assistance, to remain always on top.

it is verry annoying, that the part view window always gets to the bach behind the main window after every constraint to be set.

I hope, I described my problem well enough, so that you can understand it. It is a littlebit hard to describe it.

thanks in advance,



New member
To show the component in the assembly window... After selecting a part to assemble, click the 2nd button from the top left in the Component Placementdialog box to place the new part inthe assemblywindow and then click the top left button in the CPbox to get rid of the individual part window. Now, when you assemble a part, it will always show up in the assembly window and not in it's own window- at least for that session. Hope this makes sense.Also, note the help text when pausing over the buttons.

Does anyone know how to make this permanent - there has to be a config option.


The config setting is:

comp_assemble_start package

That way the component you are assembling will be automatically placed (packaged) in the assembly window instead of coming up in it's own small window. This can be good or bad depending on the relative size & complexity of the assembly and the component you are trying to place. Sometimes it leads to a lot of zooming in and out. I find it is best to suppress or hide a lot of the extraneous assembly components if the assembly is large or complicated.

You sure can't tell what this setting does from the cryptic help discription!
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New member
thnaks for your reply,

but as dr_gallup mentioned the seperate window is sometimes quite useful.

so want to keep using the seperate window, but want to keep it always on top of the screen!

any ideas?


The only help I can offer is to drag the part window over to the right side of the screen (or anywhere as long as some of it is outside of the main window) so you can pick on it to bring it back to the front.

It used to be very simple working with X-windows on HP-UX boxes, the window managers were much more powerful and configurable. Windoz doesn't even seem to have a window manager unless you count the task bar.


Zen_Dhil said:
If you right click above the menu bar, there is a command LOWER. Use that command. It wiil be more helpfull.
Well I'll be, I never noticed that. Thanks Zen_Dhil, that is very handy.


New member
thank you Zen_Dhil!

that was, what i was looking for!

ok, the best thing would be, if ptc would give an option to set the
status of the window to "always on top", which is at least available in
the windows enviroment.

again, thanks alot for your help!


burnsp said:
What's the difference between Lower and Minimize?
Minimize collapses the window into an icon. If you do that to the active window in Pro/E it removes them all from the desktop. Not too handy in this case.


New member
Warm welcome & Thanks for your regards...

I agree with dr_gallup, Minimize will collapse the ProE window to Taskbar.Lower will use to see the back ProE windows without activating it. It will not collapse the window.