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Part Parameter


We have just setup some company standard parameters to use in parts and then these transfer automatically to the part drawing.Does anyone know a way we can add all these parameters (about 9 in total) to older parts which were created prior to our setting up this new working practice, or do we have to input each parameter into the older parts manually.



New member
When we changed our standard set-up we used mapkeys to update the older drw's and prt's. But that was when we were running Pro/PDM, perhaps its easier to do with intralink? Nothing I've found anyway.



Use Modelcheck. Once set up it will check to see if a part has the parameteres and if not will add them.


New member
You can add paramaters to a number of parts at one time in assembly. Just expand the model tree to show all of the parts in the assembly, select all of them (subassemblies too, if you wish), then right click and edit parameters. You can add parameters to all of them at once. Of course, you will then have to go back and edit the values for each one individually.

A few years ago, someone was developing a program called RapidParameter, I think the company is rentapen or something like that, where you can add parameters to multiple parts in batch mode. it might be worth looking into.

K. Sauter