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Part Layer Items Missing in 2001


New member
I have a good one for a friday. I am going through cleaning up some old parts and I fixed the layers on some standard parts that we have. I use mapkeys and trail files to clean them up.
Anyway when I am done, I blank all of the axis, datums, etc. No datum items are showing up. Check this into Intralink now another user brings the part up and someaxis are now showing. For some reason in the build of ProE that we are all running 2002270 with the exception ofhis since we had a graphics issue on his machine and he has 2004290. Now he has 5 items thatwould be added to the standard layer, where I have 2, the 3 missingitems are a revolved cut, and 2 revolved protrusions. I went back and looked at the old version as well and only 2 items show. If I run the mapkeys again finds all 5 items, for some reason in the previous build itsees only 2 items that need to be added to the layer.
Figured I would run this through here before I contact PTC since I did a quick serach and did not find muchonline..



New member
Why not change your config.pro to
axis_display no
datum_display no
and not worrry about the layer display of datums/axis. The reason I say this is because when I assemble a component with it's layers blanked for axis/datums, I have to turn the sunaguns on before I can assemble a component. With the option above, I simply display the axis/datums with the toggle icon.


New member
We do use that but when you have an assembly up and want to assemble a component to it its a pain seeing all of the axis and is easier when controlled by layers, than you can turn them on and off by the assembly and components. This is useful when its a large assembly.