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Part Cost Analysis


New member
Using model mass properties data from an model analysis, is there a way to calculate part cost and attach this into a note on the part.

I would like to attach part cost data to the note similar to Volume and have it recalculate when the part changes. See the attached screen shot of the volume calculation for the note.

Is there a way to add formulas to notes?

I have tried adding something like:

part cost = {1:&VOLUME:FID_5657} * .00025

but this didn't work. It doesn't appear to me that adding math function is viable in notes. Am I doing something wrong? Can this be done elsewhere and still get the output into a note?

Thanks for Replying.

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New member
It's real easy-- do it in Relations. Create a parameter of type real number called COST. Write the relation:

COST = VOLUME:FID_featnumber * .00025

Then call the parameter out in the note by using &COST. (The ampersand lets Pro E know what follows next is a parameter whose value needs to be extracted and printed instead of the text COST.)

David Martin

Torgon Industries


New member
Oh yeah, in order to have the volume and cost recalculated if the model ever changes, you need a license for BMX and you need to create a Datum Analysis Feature. It looks like you've already done that, since you wrote VOLUME in the correct format.


New member
Create a parameter called COST and write the relation:


You have to recompute this after every regen but you definitely don't need BMX...

You can also write in your note:

&COST[.2] instead of &COST

where 2 is the number of dp you want (could be 0,1,2,3...).


New member
I was having problems getting this to work but Duh, I didn't try one thing and that was toggling my dimensions. When I did that everthing worked as stated above.

Many Thanks for the Tip!!


New member
I have manages to get this function working and am very pleased with the results.

Can I do the same with the CofG results?, also is there a list of function names I can use?.

Many Thanks


New member
System Parameters Used to Determine Mass Properties

The following system parameters are used to determine the mass properties of a part or assembly within a relation:

mp_mass (path)

for mass

mp_volume (path)

for volume

mp_surf_area (path)

for surface area

mp_cg_x (path, coord_sys, path)

for x-coordinate of center of gravity

mp_cg_y (path, coord_sys, path)

for y-coordinate of center of gravity

mp_cg_z (path, coord_sys, path)

for z-coordinate of center of gravity


Sets the default units for mass for all new parts and assemblies (unit_point, unit_ounce, unit_ton, unit_gram, unit_kilogram, unit_tonne)


Sets the default length units for all new parts and assemblies (unit_inch, unit_foot, unit_mm, unit_cm, unit_m)


Specifies the default system units for new models

- where