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Parametric item numbers from Bom in notes


New member
Hey - I'm getting REAL tired of having to manually update all the item numbers in text notes everytime a BOM changes. I'm running Pro/E 2001. I know how to get a parametric dimension value in a text note (&d123) - is there an equivalent for the item number in a BOM? I think the parameter is <&report_index> or something like that. I've tried to put that BOM report parameter in a text note, no dice.

Anyone know how to do what I need?

Thanks in advance for your time,

Big Lew


New member
Your right, it isn't possible today. The onlyitem that can reference report parameters is the BOM balloon.

Iuse a footnotes designation in my notes block. My notes block explains what is special about the components referenced with a "*" or other special character. I add a column to my repeat region calling out a component parameter named "notes" (i.e. &asm.mbr.cparam.notes). I have to create andfill out the"notes"parameter for any component referenced in the notes block.

It isn't exactly what we want, but it gets the job done.

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Have you tried fixing the index which will permanently lock the index
number to that item. It will also force a slightly unnatural order to
listing but this may not be a problem to you.


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I have filled out enhancement requests on this in the past, I think everyone one posting here should fill one out see if we can push it through.


New member
Relating report index number with the component is quite irrealistic idea. Imagine you are using one component in two or more assemblies. How do you think related BOM report index would influence on that. You would have e.g. report index of a component always equal to the same number. Or do you think report index numbers would be tied up just to the assembly the component is in currently.

I know it would be a lot easier for PTC to incorporate the option of showing multiple balloons of the component on the multiple views on the drawing, but the question are still views of the separately imported drawing models.


New member
OK I ran into this problem too ...
Did anybody finally find a solution to that now ?
I run WF3.

Thanks !


New member
I am not sure the procedure for doing this, but you can use a symbol instead of an index in a BOM balloon.

Maybe you could add parameters in the parts for the number you want to display, then use that parameter to show as the index number and also use it for the BOM balloon symbol.

I do not remember how to do the symbol in the BOM balloon, but did it once by using a tip on the site. Try searching for BOM symbol or something like that.



New member
Product What's New
Bill of Material (BOM) Balloon Support for Flexible Components and Family Tables
You can now create BOM balloons for Flexible components, Bulk items, Included items, and family table top-generic instances.

Product Information
PTC Support Release Wildfire 4.0
Product Pro/ENGINEER Foundation XE

PTC Support Release Wildfire 4.0
Product Functional Area 2D Drawings

User Interface Location Table > BOM Balloons > Create Balloon
Processes and Initiatives
Benefits and Description
You can create BOM balloons for items that were previously in BOM tables but required manual creation of balloon notes. BOM balloons are automatically created for flexible components and family table top-generic items. Balloons for bulk and included items are created by record, and then you can manually placed them on any edge, surface, or entity in a drawing view.

http://www.ptc.com/appserver/wcms/relnotes/note_pdf.jsp?lang =en&im_dbkey=51310


New member
slashct said:
I have filled out enhancement requests on this in the past, I think everyone one posting here should fill one out see if we can push it through.

Me too, about 8 years ago, release 2000i I think, maybe earlier.

Regarding this being unrealistic, I disagree. Challenging? Sure, unrealistic, no. Actually, re-using the index numbers in notes on the same assy drawing ought to be pretty simple, actually, and should have been added in long ago.

Re-using the BOM index numbers outside the assy drawing presents a much larger challenge, but still could be doable. I can imagine that each BOM could place a parameter in the parts. If it's part of multiple BOMs, multiple parameters would be created. Then other drawings could refer to those BOM index parameters. I suppose that this might create a data management nightmare as a change to one assy might change several unrelated drawings, but it could be done and might have value for many users.


New member
I was thinking about something.

If you want a column to list that a part is purchased, just create a parameter in the part that is purchased, maybe IS_BUY_SYM where IS_BUY_SYM="