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New member
there is a way to import different parameters fom one part to another

i have already the parts created but unfortunatelly the designer missing the start parameters

i must add EVERY parameters in EVERY drawings

is something i can do?




if its just as matter of having many models with the same parameter
names but different values, and then wanting to display them in the
drawing .

just create a drawing format. That will display your parameter values and then create all your drawing using that format


parameter flange_thickness 8

in the format you would add a note with

Flange thickness = &flange_thickness

this is all provided all the models have the same parameter names.

you could also make a custom bom table. ( look up bom table in the mcad search)


Modelcheck can easily add parameters as it checks the models. It will add the default value you set for each. So while the parameters are created, you must still edit them to set the correct values.


New member
As I recall ModelCheck does not give you enough control over the Type of some parameters you can create with it. You might want to consider that as a major possible negative depending on the type of data you are trying to add with each model.

Give the p-AdvancedBOM eval a shot - I think you will find it the easiest and best solution. (I am very biased on this subject). :)



New member
<DIV>What I did was create a mapkey that deleted any residual parameters and added all the new ones that we use with our new start parts. The mapkey leaves the window open in the parameter interface so the user can immediately start typing in their parameters (part title, drawn, etc). I leave the parameters blank, but if you had standard ones that never changed, you could have the mapkey fill those in for you. It works good for us anyway.</DIV>


New member
You can create a model tree showing the parameter. Save the model tree. Open the model tree in the new part. All the parameters would then be imported into the new part.