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over-ride mass


i was given a part. to include in my assembly and told its mass.

this part is drawn as a solid but in reality its not. (think of a small electric motor)

is there a way i can tell p-e its mass? or will i have to play around
with density and shelling the part untill its almost right?if i just
assign it a material it will be much heavier than it would in reality.


the only solution, stupid is for me
, is to, if you have BMX, shell your model using behavioral modeling, in order to have your desired mass, with the shell thikness parameter.

with this way you will have exactly the desired mass, but i don't believe actually is the right solution


yeah thats what i was thinking, but its a pain in the butt. one of my friends uses iv9. and he has a manual override for mass.

just click -> mass -> 400kg :)


i know inventor is like autocad just in 3d...

when you want to change a dimension just click on it and edit..

i believe that we can do it too, let me search in PTC knowledge for it


try this

with the model>analysis>Model Mass properties, compute the volume

write it down

Edit > set up>Mass Props (see below) and enter the density, don't forget : volume=mass/density, calculate the density manualy by entering the mass you want and the volume you have calculated at the first step

View attachment 639

it is not the best...
but it is working

Analysis > Model Analysis again and calculate the mass, i think the result satisfies you......


New member
Is there away to make the density of a part dependant on a relation of
the volume analysis and the defined mass parameter? I don't know how to
get the density value of the part to depend on a parameter.


how can you do this

its supposed that you must calculate everytime the new density in order to have the desired mass, and if you create a parameter "mass" this will be updated by the model analysis (automatic or manual) feature.

so you cannot define a mass parameter manual, its defined by the system (by the density we give everytime)

so how can you associate with a relation the volume of the part and the mass properties?


New member
The arguement still works. I've copied the following direct from Mathcad:

View attachment 640

This is like saying

View attachment 641

where the volume cancels. Its still valid though, and should work
inside ProE, if you could get the density value to depend on a