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orient a total unfolded sectional view


New member
Is it possible to orient a total unfolded x sectional view on a drawing?

The only option is to rotate it norm to screen axis, but the options rotate x and y axis are blanked. Is it possible to activate those?


Bredel Hose Pumps BV


New member
When creating the view, make sure it is "General". A general view can be placed at any angle, dependant upon the datums/surfaces you choose to place it. In order to help you place it, you may want to pre-define a view in the model at the orientation angle you wish to place it.


New member
Hello thanks for your reply. It is a general view, and we have pre defined views, but with a total unfolded x-section this doesn't work. The view will oerient by the section, and can only be oriented around the axis normal to the screen.