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Opinions on Pro E Certification


New member
I recently read about the pro e certification program. I was wondering about some users opinions on this. Will it fly? Is it kind of a waste of money (aside from the education value)? Will employers really buy into this (will it help land a job)?

Was just curious if anyone was wondering the same thing or had an opinion on this.

Thanks for listening er reading.



New member
I brought up this subject a few months back and got little response. I think for the most part it is a good idea to be certified. Will it buy you anything in the job market? It may, depending on the location and the number of Pro users looking for jobs.

Steve C


New member

What those certification really offer. Can someone with that certification offer certified classes? How much bucks cost, what time is needed, what technical stuff is need (except computer, modem etc), can that web class work trough ordinary modem, or someone need some speedy internet link?



New member
I see one of the names on the list just had a PTC webcast that was very good. This was in contrast to a Wildfire update course I recently took at a reseller's office that was pretty dismal with inadequate equipment (want to protect the innocent, but the reseller's name rhymes with hand).

So from what I can see, certification is good from a training standpoint.


New member
Although, if they are really the top dogs, why don't we ever hear from them on ProECentral? (Free advice is bad for business?)


There is some telling information on the website lisited above:

take a look and scroll down to bottom:

This web site will be updated on September 1st, 2003

Also notice every certification is from June 2003 (the onsite certification tests given at the conference)

Now factor in that I've not heard anything on this subject from PTC since the conference, and the fact that there doesn't seem to be a testing schedule on PTC's website. I wonder if this program hasn't gone the way of the old CEP program.

However, I did actually find the PTC test listed on the Prometric website. It is buried under 'I.T.' testing and the test number is 'PG0-001'.

I was part of the Certified Engineering Provider (CEP) program a few years ago which was eventually dissolved. That program consisted of a 2-day (16-hour) test that was graded by hand. Some multiple choice, some smaller modeling problems, and a single full-day modeling problem.



New member
I did that CEP exam also, more than five years ago now.

With five colleagues we trained for it several months, one evening per week. The tutorials were tricky and advanced, but not very hard. Because we did this training in our own time, our boss allowed us to do the exam in Chicago, alltough it was possible in Europe. (we're from Holland.)

So with the five of us we flew to Chicago to do the exam and two weeks holiday in the States. We were very excited and had a great time, but we all did not know what to expect. At the day of the exam nobody expected us. Finally there was a guy who sad: Ah, youre the guys from Denmark Well, not exactly Denmark, but Holland. That's also Europe, so OK.

So the first day was a multiple choice exam. Wo all got a cubicle ( we don't have them in Europe) to fill the forms. Not so hard questions though. Then there were some practises. Also not that hard, but nine practises in 4 hours needed us do it quick. The second day was a mayor assy to be designed, I believe it was a CD player to be modelled with the mast model merge technique.

Back home and several weeks later we got the results: four colleagues passed, one failed. All within the range of 70-80% correct.

Before, during and after the exam we all had the question where this CEP program will led us. We still don't know. The level of the exam was more a recognision that we did actually had that level. But some profits out of our certification? No.

But we had a nice holiday.



New member
Here's my problem with the test: it seems-- and I could be wrong-- that you really need to take PTC's Wildfire Update and/or Fast Track classes to have a leg up on the test. I get the feeling that the questions are geared to or written in a way that favors people who have spent the money on PTC's training. (And I am a trainer for PTC, so ostensibly that would be good for me. More training business.) But I don't like the idea of selling something intended to be an industry-wide certification, and then compelling people to spend more money on your products and services to get that certification.

But like I said earlier, I think this latest Certification didn't really catch on.