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ongoing assembly motion glitch


New member
Hi - looking for a little help with annoying assembly motion behavior that I almost always run into.

If I edit an assembly constraint, or edit a feature inside an assembly component, quite often the motion I am working on will not work at all until I close and reopen the assembly. Regeneration doesn't help.

Beyond this annoyance, quite often when I do reopen the assembly, the motion will sort of work, but the entire assembly moves around, not just the part I want to move. To get it to work right I have to jiggle the model tree a bit by dragging the "insert here" cursor up and and then back down to then end. Luckily this usually gets me back to where I can continue, but its a lot of wasted time and clicking around.

(I am talking here about simple motion initiated within Creo by dragging parts with (Ctrl-Alt_left mouse) button, not necessarily within the mechanism design module).

I bet this is something basic that I just never learned. Anyone have tips?



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