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offsetting lines in the sketcher (2001)


New member
Hi All,

Is there a way of offsetting a line in the sketcher, I know you can offset part edges but I want to able to offset a drawn line, x amount of times.


Hello Rob yes you can.

1. Sketch a line and get it dimensioned and resrained.

2. Select line and click on EDIT/Copy. this will give you one

copied line.

3. Now select both lines and repeat the above step.

4. I don't believe you can copy and offset a number of times

like you want to but this does work.
Or, when you are sketching, choose the existing line as a reference and just start sketching parallel lines. You might have to sketch centerlines perpendicular to your reference line at the reference line ends. This way might be the quickest way to duplicate lines. Once you have sketched so many lines, you can then use the selection tool to window your lines, right click, choose copy and place your copied lines.

Another neat trick is to sketch lines perpendicular to your copy line, make them construction lines with a constraint of equal to the first sketched perpendicular construction line. This way you have one dimension, not many controlling your sketched offset lines.