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NX5 problem with file load


New member
I have a problem with NX5 program. I try to open a file and NX5 gave me 2 error :

1) Could not open (path file).
The following files could not be loaded causing this to fail:
(path fila)-Internal error
This is one and the second one is
2) The following error occured whilst responding to an internoperation request:
Faild to load part file when responding to request from another application.

I want to retrive the souce cod what is in the xls file or to retrive xls file ....
How can i do it????


New member
Are you trying to open the part through UG or are you double clicking the part from an explorer window? I have had those issues before when trying to open a file from an explorer window. Also if you have an open dialog box in UG awaiting a command, it will also error when trying to open a file.

Hope this helps.