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Nvidia FX5200


New member
I just a PNY Nvidia FX5200 128 mb card. It run ok but i am having a few issues that might be proe related. i say this because other programs i have work great.

Here is the issue, when i open serveral windows of pro, say an asm, and 2 parts, the third or fourth window goes crazy. it wont rotate,pan or zoom correctly and sometime it even changes the screen into a snowy blur of colors until i release the controls.

I have tried updating the driver but still have issues

I know this is primaly a game card but it should still work. I was using a tnt pro,i would hate to believe that a $100 fx 5200 could work.

I am using PROE2001, WinXP P4 - 1.7, 512 mb ram
I have a NVidia TI4800 that wouldn't work either, then I converted it to a Quadro XGL 900 or 780 (I can't remember) and now I can open all 15 windows with no problem.

I used the soft Quadro converter to do this