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Number of lines in message area


New member
In the Pro-E screen how to limit the number of lines in the message area? In the picture below, as you can see there are 4 lines and I want it to be, say, 2 lines, ALWAYS!!

View attachment 1206

Every time I adjust this, and open a new window after that, its back to 4 lines.. Just annoying (I got my tool bars messed up by this).. Is there a config option are something to set this??



Active member
add the following option in config.pro file

visible_message_lines 2

your config.pro file should be saved in the text directory of your ProE installation.



New member
hi anandel and israr,

even I had the same problem,

even if you set the config.pro option

visible_message_lines 2

the message area lines are back to4 lines!!! as soon as you perform any operation!

not able to find any solution on this.presently running with help of mapkey!

with regards