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number of decimal places for arc events


New member
my post procesor is specifically for my Dynapath Delta 20 from the PTC website, but for some reason it outputs arc commands to 5 decimal places. the controll only takes 4. all the linear events are 4 places.

i found settings for decimal places in the MCD editorfor the xyz linerar moves, and changing that value has the expected result.

but the field for places in a arc motion were greyed out. I was able to enable them and enter a value but it had no effect.

I'm pretty sure it should have worked but obviously it didn't and everybodies post processor is different and I'm going to have a hell of a time finding someone using pro/e with an old dynapath controll (on a Tree journeyman 325 mill) who has allready been down this road.

Thanks, Dan


New member
You might try setting the IJK values also to 4 places. If your post outputs an "R" value, then set the R word also to 4 places