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Now You Can Attach Files on Forum Messages!



It is now possible to attach files to forum messages. This is useful in helping users by attaching a Pro/E file that would be helpful to them to solve their problem. Also, if the original author is having a problem with a file, he/she may attach the file for you to examine.

It is still in beta form. Right now it is only possible to attach files to replies. The ability to attach a file to the thread starter will come shortly. I wanted to test this out first. Please feel free to comment and offer suggestions for improvement.

A few points:

1) Can only attach .zip and .tar files. If there is an extension that I am missing, please let me know. However, I would like to keep the files in a compressed form.

2) Only 1 file per reply. If you need to attach more than one file, consider attaching all files in one zip file (even adding multiple zip files to one zip file), or replying more than once.

3) Until I add the additional feature, the original thread starter may attach a file simply by replying to his/her own message.

4) To attach a file, just reply to a message. After you reply, click the <img src=/portal/images/icons/attach.gif> icon on your message. You will be able to use a form to browse for and upload your file.



New member
This week's video tip, about suppressing features to make the files smaller, was quite timely for this new functionality!


New member
I just used this - works well, am I the first ??

Can you (and do you) scan zips and tars for viruses ???


No, the files are not scanned for viruses. The files are uploaded from a person's computer to the website and are immediately available for download to Professional members.

Just be careful. You might want to scan the file with your own anti-virus program before you use it.


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