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Non-linear shrinkage


My question is, is there any way to apply non-linear shrinkage allownance to a prt. For example if you had an equation relating shrinkage to distance from a co-ordinate system? My problem is that thin sections and thick sections of castings we produce don't always shrink in a linear fashion and when it comes to producing the dies, the models we use to cut-out the cavities in the models have to be representitive of the finished prduct plus the shrinkage.


New member
If you have access to Pro/MOLDESIGN, it has a shrinkage feature. You can apply shrinkage according to a coordinate system giving different shrinkage values for each axis.


New member
hi PJW

yes u can. u can choose shrinkage of chourse, but first of all u must set some parameters, let's say:




in relations u can set some equation for this param, but they must be big then 0 and less then 1 (please excuse my english!)

when u choose shrinkage, By Scaling then type your parameters.

I hope this will help you!