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No Hidden - Object lines drop out in non-orthogonal Views


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Version: 2000i2

Manf Code: 20001310

Config ID: 13496

This has probably already been addresed but I can't find anything on it.

I've noticed that when my assembly model is oriented in certain non-orthogonal positions, some of the object lines of a component drop out. The same thing happens in drawing views.

I just started working with 2000 i2 again but also noticed this problem with 2001. Usually I can re-orient the model or view until the lines show up but I'd like to fix this if possible.

Is this a bug? Is there a better fix?


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Is usually the result of interference between components. Normally the result of a large assembly with interfering components. I am only in 2001, so I cannot comment for Wildfire.


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I am currently using 2001 and i find that it also happens alot to individual parts, as well as in assembly.


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Thanks. Yes it does seem to have something to do with interferences or even just contact in medium sized and bigger assy's. I guess it's a graphics problem.


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I logged a case with PTC back on 2-26-02 regarding the same type of thing...


Having a hidden line and non-hidden line display problem with two tabs on the attached, uploaded assembly model. Shaded mode appears to be fine as does solid line mode.

PTC Response:

Part has two tabs (feature numbers 105 and 107) which are not displayed correctly in a particular assembly. Note that the part has geomchecks that should be resolved. The two tabs have parent features with geomchecks. The geomchecks are likely causing the display problem. Customer will resolve these geomchecks and reopen the call if the problem persists after resolving these problems.

My Alternate Technique is to draw a datum curve and use it on the drawing. Another technique is to change the orientation angle a little.

Below is what I found in PTC support knowledge base regarding the subject.



Hidden line edge display is incorrect in an assembly mode for some edges.

Alternate Technique


See Resolution below.



This typically occurs when components interfere. Hidden line display is unpredictable for edges which are involved with interfering components.

This display issue is behavior which has always existed for Pro/ENGINEER. Prior to Release 20.0 this issue was documented in the Fundamentals User Guide, but when the Release 20.0 User Guides were reformatted the statement was omitted. The reason for this behavior is that when an edge on one component is partly inside another component due to interference, Pro/ENGINEER makes a determination to either show the entire edge as hidden or show the entire edge as displayed. This decision is unpredictable. To correct this, Pro/ENGINEER would need to calculate interference of components for every repaint which would introduce unacceptable performance issues.