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New Template, Old Part


New member
Dear Colleagues.

I've got old models (prt) and I do need to have those parts but with a new template which includes a lot of new parameters and names in the features (i.e. datum planes & so on).

How could I 'put' old models into new templates or viceversa?

For your help, Thanks and Best Regards


New member
Hi this is quite straight forward, you just need to know where your templates are stored.

e.g. C:\PTC\proe2001\templates\template.prt

So, if you are useing intralink you can create a 'duplicate' of the part that has most of the features you want. Then add the parameters that you are missing, save and close. Then from your workspace 'export' the new template.prt to the template folder.

If you are just useing Pro\E you can open the part add your parameters and then 'save a copy' into the template folder.

when you start a new part you will uncheck the 'default template' box and in the list is your new template. You will also be able to input some parameters here too.

easy to do and re-do (if you operate anything like me there will be lots of re-doing!)



New member
Thanks for your response.

I have a bare 2001 version and the idea is to update many parts to the new template, so, how could i update old files easily?, not retyping all parameters!



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