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New Object Attribute Creation


New member

We currently use 22 user-defined, string, versioned/filebased

object attributes in Intralink to populate or drawing formats in Pro. These same 22 attributes are in our start part models as

well, designated, of course.

Several departments here would like a new one added

so an additional piece of information they'd like to see

will appear on the drawing.

No big deal to do this and have all new models and drawings

reflect this going forward.

My concern is for all the existing models and drawings that

would want to have this added to them.

The only way I can think of to do this is via a manual process.

By this I mean manually adding the parameter to the model

file and replacing the format to capture it.

Am I missing something here? Can I somehow automate the

process of updating the model with this parameter and have

it also automatically update the format if the model has a