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New, improved WF ?


New member
Is that the new improved Wildfire that creates ad nauseam parts in Sheetmetal module as soon as I modify the punch used to create a form?

I deleted a formed feature on the sheetmetal part and then I modified some features on the punch (part) and tried to create a new formed feature with the old punch(part).

WF created without my knowledge a new part (and gave it a name : part0001) which was a copy of my initial punch(part) used to create the form feature initially.

I expected to modify the punch/die part, regenerate the sheetmetal part, and all modified features (on the punch) would be updated on the sheetmetal part.

Is that kind of functionality gone?

Anybody met this kind of behavior?




New member
I havn't run into what you mentioned. The sheetmetal module is supposed to be the same as 2001. The addition of the ordinant dimensions for a flat pattern isn't new, it just wasn't documented in 2001. Thats the only thing I hve heard of that is 'different'.