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New Day... New Problem...


New member
I am making cuts into solids using Var Sec Swps. Since I am not using the same trajectory for the solid and quilt used in the cuts, they are not starting at the same point. So, the cuts don't go all the way through. The first image should look like the second image since the cut should go all the way through. Any suggestions?

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Probably should use Same Srf, Single Dst, and Dist On Srf. If you need to vary the extend distance from one edge to the other then you can use Variable to control extend distance points individually.


New member
so do i choose all the surface edges to extend? then what kind of reference do i need? sorry for all the questions, but i can't get it to work.


Redefine the trajectory curve...

- Pick the Option Trim/Extend

- Use Accept & Next to pick which end of the curve

- Enter Length - value to take the traj beyond the end of the curve.

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If the trajectory curve extend doesn't work for some reason, you can also use Area Offsets on the ends of the surfaces before you cut with the quilt.

Feature/Create/Surface/Area Offset/Normal Off/Whole Surf/SideNrmToSkt



New member
to proed:

all of my trajectories are from equations. I don't think the trim/extend is an option, unless it is hiding in 2001....

to Dave:

There is only an offset option, not an area offset. And this is the menu I get from that...

View attachment 297

I don't see the Normal Off/Whole Surf/SideNrmtoSkt option... It also asks me for an offset value.

Thank you both for helping me. I can't seem to find good references for surfaces.


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