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New Computer Runs Pro e horribly


New member
I just purchased a new computer and it runs pro e very poorly. It lags consistantly, taking time to open windows or even click on lines. It runs fine on computers much slower than mine. Here are my comp specs:

AMD Athlon64 fx-55
ATI X800 xt processor
2 GB Ram
2 200GB SATA 7200 rpm hard drives


New member
It has to be the graphic card. I don't see your card on this list.


I bought a used IBM Intellistation Z workstation with the Wildcat4 7110 (256MB). That system includes 10K rpm 78GB, 2.4Ghz Xeon, 1Gb Ram. All for $950. It has 1-year on-site support. The trade-off is that graphic card cannot play major 3D games not even Far Cry or something like that. The card itself costs at least $600.

I don't like playing game on the PC. I like game consoles graphics, much better than the PC in my opinion.

If you need to know where to buy the refurbished Intellistation, contact IBM and ask for reseller authorized list. I could tell you but you may not trust me at first.

Good luck!


New member
Thank you for the help. I think that eventually I will need to get a workstation. Any help would be appreciated just let me know.


New member
Try changing in your config.pro from openGL to Win32_GDI
If your video card is causing your problems you should see a difference.

I've been running Pro/E on several"unsupported" cards (gaming cards) without problems. In fact the only card I ever had problems with was a supported card, ELSA GloriaII.

I've experienced similar problems as you describe twice, then itwas related to memory problems and bad communication with the license server.

Hope this can guide you.



New member
WHere do i edit config.pro? Would my antivirus program be interfering with the liscensing? Thanks for your help


New member
Edit your config.pro by selecting "utilities" and the "options". You will then get an editor where you can add or modify options.

Just type "graphics" in the option field and then use the scroll list in the value field to see your options.

Anti-virus scanners are known to interfere with most programs, it might causing you problems. Try to disable it and test.
I'm using Symantec's Norton Anti-virus Corporate edition, no problems