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Need Pro/Sheetmetal tutorials


New member
Hello Friends,

I am searching for pro/Sheetmetal tutorials. I have done Pro/E solid modeling. And I am facing lot of problems in Pro/sheetmetal. I request you please please help me. if u have any tutials links or files please mail to my e-mail id.

[email protected] and [email protected].

Thank you friends,



New member
I have used, and instructed Pro/SHEETMETAL since release 10.

Usually brown bag lunch seminars (3 times/week) brought average modelers up to par with Pro/SHEETMETAL within a few weeks. I like to call the module Pro/CARDBOARD. We would often bring in childrens' toy packaging or structural boxes used in shipping electronic components to better appreciate the logic and approach to modeling. Sketching practices are often a key strength or weakness in regular part modeliing, but I find it even more important with this Pro/SHEETMETAL module.

I am a contractor; I am frustrated with this present company's lack of rationale for NOT owning a license of Pro/SHEETMETAL (or Pro/Process for Assembly...), they just won't justify the cost, and license maintainence yearly fee.

Which aspects of Pro/SHEETMETAL are frustrating you now?

Have you created, or found, a library of saved sections, cuts, NOTCHES, reliefs? Do you have a selection of materials saved that may be assigned to the material for various densities and (key here) INITIAL BEND Y FACTOR? Also have you come to grasp with standard PART bends versus FEATURE bend tables?

Do you model fancy unusual cuts that will be performed with a laser cutter, or are you constrained by manufacturing limitiations with the list of punch tools (Finn Power, Strippit, Amada) and the break tools on the shop floor?

I had a job previously where the part was 9 feet long, 5 feet wide with many bends. The nasty part was that the size of the relief cuts were so small relative to the model's size that the part accuracy needed to be increased to accurately regenerate without failure, but that action slowed down the performance of the part and its ensuing next level assemblies.

Let ME know what specific challenges you are having, and I may make myself available to answer your Pro/SHEETMETAL and best practices questions. Jon Bixby (716) 686-4508


New member

could you explain the difference between standard part bends and feature part bends. this always confused me.

thanks for the help