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need PRO E guys form pk


New member

hi all, I am designer working for Pakistan Air Force. i am using solid
edge now we are starting new project where i have to work on pro E, i
am searching for local guys woh can share info, i am at biggner level.

I live in rawalpindi if some one live near me plz contact i have few Q? regarding training and application.


hammad malik


Active member
Strange, this is the second time you are posting the same thing.

I replied and told you to contact me but you didn't.

Could not understand the rationale behind it.

Edited by: Israr


New member
mr. israr i try many time to cantact you but your was not available. i
call you many time. thats y i post this msg for other paki people.

i have your contact no. i'll try again. my cell no: 0321-5180227. office no:50503987