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Need Help!!!!


New member
Hi all,

I am new in this forum. I am using pro/e 2001. I have a problem with the sketch tool display in Part create mode. When I create a new drawing, after I selecting the datum and reference, I could not find the sketch icon anywhere. it dissappeard. I just wonder it there a configuration that I have change. any help is very appreciated.

Best regards,



New member
Is your intent manager switched on ??? At the top of yourscreen there is a drop down list titled Sketch. Click on this and on the menu ( at the top ) is Intent manager.. this should have a small tick next to it. if i doesnt click on it and the tick will appear, and so should all of your sketcher icons.

Hope this helps!



New member
please in the future do not use need help as your subject.

instead use as much discription of the problem as possible.