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Need Help: Same component assembled twice in an assembly but losing external reference errors


I have the same component assembled twice in my assembly (We will call this Comp-1). I have another component (We will call Comp-2)assembled to each of Comp-1. I am using Constraint Sets to allow two different assembled variations of the assembly. And then use Family Table to run the two different Constraint Sets using the Family Table Instances. We will call the Family Table instances Inst-1, Inst-2

When I open the Generic it is fine. When I open Inst-1 it is fine but when I open Inst-2 the External Reference of the Comp-1/Comp-2 are missing. Is there something I am missing when using the same components more then once in an assembly? Or is there a bug within Creo?
This sounds like reference issue.
Check the assembly constraint references for both and make sure references are there at the instances.


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