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NC tool for Sheetmetal Cut needed


New member
u need something simple 2D, or it depends of how much money u want to spend.

the best idea is to contact your laser-cut manufacturer and see their recomandations for your type/model.

Is a lot of software for laser cut but I guess u don't want to spend time for postprocesors, DNC conections, set-up parameters, etc.

from Pro/E 2001 u can easy export dxf or IGES file, which is enough for laser-cut.

You can do this of course also in Pro/NC, but if u don't have yet the license for this module...

I don't know how big are your production, how many machines have in your shop.

I hope this will help you some how.

if you want, you can contact me first at email: [email protected]

on email I will give my phone no.