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naming sugestions

ivan sosa

New member
Hi every one!

Does any one know or have a naming convention for screws?

I am doing my naming as follows: SC-6-32-24-FA where:

SC denotes screw

6-32 denotes the thread call

24 denotes the length in xx/32 of an inch

FA denotes Flat head and allen wrench cavity.

Do you think this is too much "fuzz"?

Thank you.
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New member
Hi..........this is good practice , you can also iuse in bom , if you not using in bom that time it is long one

otherwise its great


sudhir shriram


The naming method we use is more complicated - S0106025S2

S - Screw

01 - 2 digit code determining thread type & form (eg Metric Coarse, Countersunk screw, Hex socket)

06 - 2 digit code for screw thread diameter (in 1/16 of inch for non-metric screws)

025 - 3 digit code for thread length (in 1/16 of inch for non-metric screws)

S2 - 2 digit code for screw material (A2 Stainless steel)

We needed a sequence this compliacted since we use a wide range of screw sizes, shapes & materials.


New member
thereare deferent ways to name fasterners-general. By threads call out like 6-32-unc-2a or by parameters like FHH-M512S wich includes form, units, length and material. but if you want to add to a bom just go to a web site like mcmaster carr in which you get the part# and it will make your and your boss liveeasier. buy the way fhh-m512s stand for flat head hex metric 5 x 12 stainless


New member
Don't you have normalised names across the ocean ? Over here a DIN7985-M4x16 is the same thing everywhere. The only thing it doesn't say is the material that it's made off but it fully describes the form. But since materials and plating is also normalised even that could be appended in a uniform way.

Alex - just wondering ...


New member
I separate my fasteners by size and plating type since color is not an option in family tables (unless you create a surface to shade for each "color").

I name my fasteners as follows:

4-40-PAN-PHIL-STL-BZP for the parent

where BZP means Black Zinc Plate

Instances are named 4-40-PAN-PHIL-STL-BZP-02500 where the 02500 means 1/4 inch length.

A metric might start with, for instance, M2.

Positioning the thread size at the front of the name makes it much easier to find what you're looking for in your library.

Separating the sizes also makes it easier since you don't have to navigate through a bunch of levels in a nested family table.

AND, lastly, if you export a BOM from ProE, it with show the part name with decipherable content.