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Name not showing up in BOM - Repeat Region Relations


New member
I can't get a repeat region parameter (part_num) to show up in the BOM when I assign string values as follow:

part_num = asm_mbr_name

Using 200i2. Is this some kind of bug? Is asm_mbr_name not a string quantity? According to manuals, this should work fine. I've used it before too. If I use asm_mbr_name in the BOM, it shows up fine but if I try to assign it to part_num (rpt.rel.part_num), it goes blank. Any ideas?
This is a long shot but I've seen this problem, don't know if it is same one.

Try merging your current drawing into a brand new drawing and see if the problem goes away.

If the bom table works ok in the new drawing, it means your table in old drawing is corrupted.

I don't know how to fix it but I have a work-around.

Let me know if this fixes the problem first.

Good luck,



New member
Thanks but that wouldn't have worked. As usual, I figured it out just after I posted this. the problem was, I wrote a Repeat Region Relation that refered to a parameter that was not in the models that were not showing up. I added an IF EXISTS(parameter name) test and it fixed it all up. I've actually run into this before but forgot. if a relation tests for a parametewr that is not in a part, it usually causes blanks somewhere in the BOM. Thanks again.